YourDIG: Tang Hall

DIO6ebrWsAEpZVBYourDIG: Tang Hall will help visitors discover how we find evidence of the history of York through archaeological practice: excavation, analysis and experimental archaeology as well as uncovering what steps are involved in the investigation and the stories of people involved in archaeological discovery in the city.

At this exhibition, you can explore how the discovery of Roman artefacts in the city, including the remains of a kiln found just outside modern York and pottery discoveries at a burial site on Tadcaster Road, can tell us so much about the lives of people who lived over 2,000 years ago.

These discoveries also allow us to use our creativity and re-create and re-imagine these precious pieces of history today, creating a tactile representation of this archaeology. This is something we have been able to do in partnership with ‘Tang Hall Big Local’, a charity working with community groups in the Tang HTang Hall editedall, an area of the city close to a known Roman kiln site. Local residents made replica pots and learnt Roman pottery techniques with the help of famous Potter and Experimental Archaeologist Graham Taylor from “Potted History”.  The exhibition will showcase a collection of the completed pottery from these sessions as well as exploring the process of archaeological investigation across the city.

This exhibition has been curated with support from Arts Council England’s Museum Resilience Fund.


Explore the pottery that comprises the Tang Hall exhibition with our image library.

Below you can see a video about the pottery created by local residents for the Tang Hall exhibition.


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This exhibition has been curated with support from Arts Council England’s Museum Resilience Fund.