YourDIG: Southburn

Southburn Aerial

An aerial photograph of the Southburn Farm  excavation site © Crown copyright. Historic England Archive.

The first YourDIG exhibition coming to DIG from 19th January will explore the exciting discoveries made at Southburn Farm, in East Yorkshire, by Brian Hebblewhite over a period of 40 years.

Belonging to a much larger collection spanning 6000 years of history, these artefacts include a mixture of domestic items, tools, and ritual objects, showing continuous occupation of the area from the Neolithic to the Anglian period.

There are many intriguing finds to experience on your visit, among them a chalk figurine believed to date from the Iron Age and to have been produced by the Parisi, a tribe that inhabited the area, as well as a copper alloy Roman trumpet brooch and a mortarium fragment which would have been used for grinding herbs and spices.

A Roman trumpet brooch found at Southburn

A Roman trumpet brooch found at Southburn


At the ‘YourDIG: Southburn’ exhibition you will also be immersed in the landscape of the Yorkshire Wolds. Images of the fields searched by Brian are set to a soundtrack that evokes this beautiful, remote and sparsely populated area, which is nevertheless rich in archaeological remains. Visitors will have the chance to hear audio recordings of those who knew Brian and played a part in caring for his collection, in excerpts from oral histories captured by the JORVIK Group Community Engagement team. A tactile display inspired by the designs of the Iron Age chalk figurines found in  archaeological digs on the Wolds has also been provided for you to enjoy.

This exhibition has been jointly curated by The JORVIK Group and Southburn Archaeological Museum, with support from Arts Council England’s Museum Resilience Fund.


 Dr Chris Tuckley, Head of Interpretation at York Archaeological Trust, discusses YourDIG:Southburn


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