Blue Assist at DIG

Blue Assist is a simple system to help anyone who finds communication hard to get their message across.

Blue Assist DIG

By using Blue Assist cards or the mobile phone app, you can communicate your needs to staff and make sure you have the best possible experience at DIG.

This simple way of asking for assistance can help people who might have difficulty communicating:

  • You may need a way of highlighting the fact that you’d need assistance
  • You may have problems that are not easy to discuss (such as hearing impairment, mental health issues, autism)
  • You may want to keep your concerns private and find it hard to ask for help in public places
  • You may have low level needs that can change quickly to high level needs
  • You may have difficulty with reading or recognising numbers
  • You may not want to admit that you need help, but sometimes get confused or frightened

This very special system is designed to help anyone who has difficulty communicating no matter what the cause, to find a way of asking for help, or making a request when out and about. If you have problems speaking, or suffer anxiety that makes it hard to speak, or you do not remember things well Blue Assist can help. Blue Assist cards and free phone app can be used to do the talking if you find it hard. To obtain free cards or download the mobile phone app visit

Before going out, you can complete a Blue Assist card with your question or request. You can carry blank cards with you to write on at any time. If you find writing difficult, someone will do it for you and they can also draw a picture to help you remember what the card is for.

Alternatively, if you are happy talking to a staff member but may not be easily recognised as needing assistance, the message ‘please can you help’ can be used. Just show the card to a member of staff who will assist you as soon as they are able.

All our staff will recognise the card and will be happy to help you.

They will:

  • Ask how they can help
  • Answer your questions clearly
  • Use simple language to help you understand
  • Give you extra time for you to think about their answer
  • Be ready to give extra help if needed
  • Know that writing things down may help some people

Blue Assist is here to make your visit easier. For more information visit