DIG Workshops

Our 45-minute workshop sessions are specially designed to spark your pupils’ interest in the past by exploring a variety of fun and interesting themes. Choose from the options below when booking a workshop to complement your DIG visit.

Tracks of the Past

Who were the earliest settlers in Yorkshire and why did they come here? Investigate for yourself and follow the tracks of the past through the Stone Ages, Bronze Age and Iron Age. Find out what changed for people living in Britain between the different times and examine their tools, homes, and even their diets!

Life in a Roman Town

York started life as the Roman fortress of Eboracum in the 71 AD and archaeology gives us an exciting glimpse into what life might have been like back then. Using evidence from the fort, houses and workshops of Roman York, get hands-on and piece together an idea of how people lived in the bustling town.

 Traders, Looters or Settlers?

Why did the Vikings come here and who were they really? Sorting through finds, examining tree-rings, matching chemical fingerprints and looking through microscopic clues will provide your pupils with the evidence to support their ideas about the Vikings in this fun, interactive workshop.

If you are interested in exploring a particular theme of Viking life further, you can now experience a wide range of interactive learning sessions from the comfort of your classroom on your return to school- take a look at our new virtual outreach offer to learn more.

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