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Little Diggers: Playtime Pastimes – Toys through the Ages

Everyone loves playtime, but how did children of the past spend their free time? What were their hobbies and pastimes?

Little Diggers: Church Explorers – Peer into the Past

Explore DIG but not as you know it – discover the hidden elements of this former church!

Little Diggers: Prehistoric Painters – Cave Artists Discovered

Discover the artistry of the prehistoric age in this interactive session which will look at the styles of art and illustration from this era. Get literally hands-on, by collaborating on a group cave wall painting and then creating your own handprint and animal art too! Tickets cost £5 per child with a free accompanying adult. […]

Little Diggers: Viking Writing – It’s All in the Runes

Learn about the ancient writing of the Viking age – runes!

Little Diggers: Dress Like a Viking – Textiles over Time

The clothing we wear has changed so much over the years that it’s hard to think of anything other than what we wear today! Dress up as a Viking and learn how our use of textiles has changed throughout the centuries, as well as creating your own hand-woven Viking band to take home. Tickets cost […]

Little Diggers: Viking Valuables

Coppergate was a busy city street, full of craftsmen and traders selling their wares.

Little Diggers: Down by the Riverside

York’s rivers have flowed through the city for over a thousand years, and are full of stories to tell!

Little Diggers: Viking Voyages

Are you clever enough to be a Viking explorer?

Little Diggers: Shieldmaidens and Swordsmen

Could you have fought alongside the Viking shieldmaidens?

Little Diggers: Norse Magic and Medicine

The Viking world was a mysterious place, but legends tell of some who had learned its secrets.