Step through the doors of DIG and open a whole new world of discovery. Whether you are looking for a visit which offers a completely different educational experience or just a fun day out we can guarantee that you will not be disappointed with a visit to DIG.

DIG offers a unique experience with many options for creative learning, offering activities for all from the youngest of children right through to adult education.
Students can uncover the history of the archaeology of York and take part in activities which cover a range of subjects and cross curricular programmes from KS1 – KS4. At DIG students are given the chance to become an ‘Archaeological Detective’ and find out for themselves what York was really like through the ages, from Roman times to the present day.

DIG provides stimulating starting points, raising questions, promoting creativity and encouraging citizenship. Students will be interested and inspired, seeing new ways of looking at the world around us.

Learn about the work of many different types of Archaeologists, including field archaeologists, researchers, curators, and conservators, and talk to real archaeologists about their work.

DIG aims to assist in raising national standards supporting:

  • Pre-school organisations in delivering Early Years Foundation Goals
  • Schools and colleges in fulfilling National Curriculum requirements
  • Further and Higher Education institutions offering training opportunities linked to Post 16 vocational and non-vocational courses
  • Community and Continuing Education initiatives and Lifelong Learning Networks

Please use the education pages to explore any of the above areas of development in further detail.
We hope that you will join us soon and help us DIG up more secrets from York’s past.

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