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The image library at the bottom of this page contains a selection of images available for use in publications. If additional images are required, please contact the press office.  Images below must be credited to York Archaeological Trust.

Latest Press Releases

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  2. Archaeologists to Offer Advice on Protecting Your Precious Memories 13.06.17
  3. Happy Birthday DIG! 31.5.16
  4. DIG-ing Deep for Disabled Access Day 2.3.16
  5. Drawings Set to Tell the Story of York 1.10.15
  6. JORVIK Viking Centre celebrates 30th anniversary with Coppergate Alive! 9.7.14
  7. Looking back at Hungate 3.4.12
  8. Barley Hall Volunteers win Marsh Award 11.7.13
  9. New Summer Exhibition: Viking Heroes 16.7.13
  10. Coat of Arms Winner  29.07.13
  11. Heroes Twitter Takeover 1.08.13
  12. Swash Channel Wreck 17.09.13

Filming and Photography

If you would like to use DIG as a location for filming or photography, please download the contract below and return with details of your request. Please notify us of any requirements including approximate dates and timings for the shoot, as well as the equipment that will be used.

Charges are levied for filming and photography in certain circumstances:

  • Where the images are to be sold for profit (so this would include photographs for photo libraries).
  • Where the filming is for fictional purposes or for a programme not directly promoting DIG as a visitor destination.

For news items or  feature opportunities, filming requests are dealt with on a case-by-case basis and fees may be waived.

You can contact the Press and Media department using the contact details below.

For press, film and photography enquiries:

Paul Whiting

Marketing Officer for JORVIK Viking Centre, DIG, Barley Hall and The Richard III & Henry VII Experiences

Tel: 01904 543433


David Scott

Head of Marketing for  JORVIK Viking Centre, DIG, Barley Hall and The Richard III & Henry VII Experiences

Tel: 01904 543426


Image Library

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