The garden at DIG will be transformed into a steampunk inspired Victorian workshop where our ‘Inventors’ will take you on a journey through the weird and wonderful world of Victorian inventions, with the help of some very special projections

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Join us at DIG for a range of exciting new events for Autumn and Winter. Including ‘The Big Draw’ and our ‘YorNight evening of activities.

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Discover the story of medieval York during the reign of Richard III through to King Henry VII. Explore Monk Bar and Micklegate Bar within the historic city walls and find out the role they played in the strife and ceremony that was shaped by the Wars of the Roses.

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Little Diggers at DIG is for all those who like to dig, delve and discover for themselves all about objects and stories from the past.

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Calling all Vikings and Pirates, go hunting for treasure with a birthday party at DIG!

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This exhibition lets you explore some of the diverse collection of artefacts discovered during the five-year excavation of Hungate in York and reveals the stories of the people who lived there from Roman times to the early 20th century.

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ARCHAEOLOGY LIVE! lets you dig into York’s past. Explore Victorian poverty, Medieval prayer, Viking trade,  and Roman burial. Find out more about our next exciting excavation!

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